COVID Regulation Updates 

How To Get Help

Do you need help with shopping or prescriptions?

Every household across South Molton, should have received one of our leaflets.

If you have not received, have lost, or are unsure on whether you have had a leaflet don’t worry you can still get help from our local volunteers.

Call Us:
01769 572501 (Mon-Fri 9-5)
07900852841 (Out of Hours)

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How to Help

On the 15th March we asked for people who were DBS checked to come forward to act as a Volunteer Co-ordinator to help us put the infrastructure of this community response to Covid-19 in to place.

We were overwhelmed with the response, attitude and organisational skills of 150+ people who came forward. They have been working hard to leaflet areas around town, providing their contact details so that the vulnerable people at home, who have no support system in place (so no family or friends who can nip out and do the shopping for instance) know that there are people out there willing to help them.

What we now need are people who would like to volunteer to undertake some of the tasks that arise from people phoning asking for some help.

As a volunteer you will become part of a Facebook group for your area of town.

If you are not on Facebook or you do not wish to use Facebook you can still get involved by contacting us at and giving us your name, area you live in, contact e-mail and either a mobile or a landline number. Also if you are self isolating but other wise fit and well please let us know.

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The following link is to the NHS website: COVID19


The following link is from Devon County Council (the LEA)
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Businesses & Employers

The following link is from and is updated regularly so would need to be checked daily:

Employers Support
Employees Support