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Town Clerk's Weekly Report

Welcome to South Molton's Town Clerk's Weekly Report.


Every week the Town Clerk sends a summary of the week's activities to the Councillors and now you can read and subscribe to them too.

SMTC Weekly Report 9/3/18

By Andrew Coates, Town Clerk, Mar 12 2018 11:06AM

Items of importance dealt with week commencing 5th March 2018

Meeting with Elan re Gullacombes Open Space

The meeting with Elan Homes regarding the planting and landscaping of the Open Space Area will be held on March 12th Monday at 9.30am. We have been advised to bring our own wellies and they will be providing the PPE. This will entail covering some steep slopes so is not for the faint hearted! Everyone should meet at the show house at the top of Station Road.The Section 106 agreement has now been revised by NDC so the Council should be receiving the first tranche once this is signed. It is now one month overdue.


The cemetery has had all the ivy removed from the left hand wall and also around the gravestones around the cemetery workshop. The yew trees are also being pruned and all the trees and weeds growing up inside of them is being taken out. There are several older graves which are sinking and need repairing and myself and Matt are seeking advice on what we can and cannot do regarding this. The first grass cut of the cemetery will be next week weather permitting.

Library Path at the Bottom of Amory Centre

The Meddlers are re- structuring the planting area beside the library and they have built a seating area half way down. A grant has been obtained to paint the walls and then to decorate them with mural art.

Dog Signs for Central Park

The four dog signs for Central Park have been ordered and they will be with us next week.


There has unfortunately been some vandalism in Central Park- The skate Park bin which has recently been installed has been destroyed beyond repair; 2 sheets have been ripped off the perimeter fence and have also been destroyed ; the wooden bench in Central Park has been burnt to almost nothing. The skate park is still technically safe but the staff will be repairing the fence next week.

GDPR ( Data Protection)

The new rules for Data Protection for small and medium enterprises comes into effect on 25th May 2018. It has been recommended that an external audit be undertaken which will highlight weakness areas with recommendations and actions needed to comply with the legislation. This will be brought to the Finance Committee at the next meeting.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Legislation is becoming more burdensome and the amount of self financing audits has been dramatically increased. There is a course that Senior Managers should attend which will highlight the requirements and I have booked a course for myself in June for this. I will also be recommending the another Member of Staff attends a qualifying course which in the long run should save monies as the Council can then dispense with the cost of Peninsula Services for Health and Safety.

Forthcoming Meetings

Finance Meeting to be held on Monday March 19th at 6.30pm in the Town Hall. This is because the designer will be in attendance regarding the re-decorating of the Town Hall.

Planning Meeting- there will be an additional Planning Meeting to discuss the Beech House Application on Tuesday 20th March at 6.30pm in the Amory Centre.

Andrew Coates, Town Clerk

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