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Town Clerk's Weekly Report

Welcome to South Molton's Town Clerk's Weekly Report.


Every week the Town Clerk sends a summary of the week's activities to the Councillors and now you can read and subscribe to them too.

SMTC Weekly Report 11/5/18

By Andrew Coates, Town Clerk, May 14 2018 10:08AM

Items of importance dealt with week commencing 7th May 2018

New Electoral Arrangements

The final recommendations for the Local Government Boundary Commission has now been received in the office and as discussed before the number of Councillors for NDC for the South Molton area will be three. This represents 1773 Electors per Councillor which interestingly is minus 11% form the average. The recommendations must now be approved by Parliament and a draft order will be laid before Parliament. The new electoral arrangements will come into force at the local elections in May 2019.

Shelter at Skate Park

As discussed at the recent Town Council Meeting the police have advised the Town Council to take away the shelter at the rear of the skate park and to situate it in an area which is more visible. There are several areas in Central Park where we can re-site it- the present shelter is in a poor state of repair so we would probably need to purchase a new one. Any comments on this please.


I have been contacted by the media regarding the graffiti at the weekend and I have given a statement on behalf of the Council condemning such atrocious behaviour. Contrary to what has been written on facebook I have not said the skate park will close I have merely said if this kind of behaviour continues then the Council may have to consider closing the skate park.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

The two items of outdoor gym equipment that were vandalised have now been repaired namely the Fitness Walker and the Cross Trainer. The pendulum swinger in the main park area is still out of action as there are major repairs to be done on the main head of the swing. It is looking as if it will be cheaper to replace the unit A whole review of all the equipment is being undertaken at the moment and I will bring the findings back to Council at some stage.

Forthcoming Meetings

Finance Meeting to be held on Monday 14th May at 6.30pm in the Amory Centre.

Planning Meeting to be held on Tuesday 15th May at 6.30pm in the Amory Centre.

Andrew Coates, Town Clerk

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