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Town Clerk's Weekly Report

Welcome to South Molton's Town Clerk's Weekly Report.


Every week the Town Clerk sends a summary of the week's activities to the Councillors and now you can read and subscribe to them too.

SMTC Weekly Report 1/12/17

By Andrew Coates, Town Clerk, Dec 1 2017 03:43PM

Items of importance dealt with week commencing 27th November 2017

Central Car Park

There have been some complaints regarding ice in Central Car Park and one lady did fall on Wednesday morning. I did contact car parks and they have started gritting the car park first thing in the morning. They have also stated they will give us two salt bags in case of emergency.

Meeting with NDC

It was a very productive and informative meeting with NDC on Wednesday and there were three members of staff present who gave presentations on waste and recycling, enforcement issues regarding properties in South Molton and the car parking areas. With regard enforcement issues the Town Council did request that a Section 215 notice be served on two properties within the town and although it had been agreed that the property in King Street would have no action taken against it, the Building Control team will now re-visit the safety of the building. The building in Gwythers will also hopefully be restored to a more respectable sight as NDC have in principle agreed to engage a contractor to tidy up the area.

Church Yard

Our staff have tidied up the church yard by Magdalene Church and have put one ton of sand around the paths so that they are not slippery.

Road next to Central Car Park

The road owned by NDC going past the Meddlers Corner has sprung a water leak and it is covering the bottom end of the road and today has iced over. SWW have been informed of this as an emergency and they had said they would come out today so hopefully this will be done before it freezes again.

Nat West Bank

It has been disclosed today that the Nat West Bank in South Molton will be closing. It does not give a closing date but I feel that I should write to Nat West and the local MP urging them to re-consider. Soon we will only have one bank left which is open all week namely Lloyds. If Councillors are happy that I write to Nat West and Peter Heaton-Jones I will do so expressing our dismay. It does not make sense with the additional houses being built in South Molton.

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There are no scheduled meetings for the forthcoming week.

Neighbourhood Plan meeting on Tuesday 5th December at 6.30pm in the Amory Centre.

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