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Finance Meeting: 15th January 2018

Budget Meeting: 16th January 2018

Policies Meeting: 17th January 2018

Planning & Full Town Council: 23rd January 2018

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Town Clerk's Weekly Report

Welcome to South Molton's Town Clerk's Weekly Report.


Every week the Town Clerk sends a summary of the week's activities to the Councillors and now you can read and subscribe to them too.

By Andrew Coates, Town Clerk, Jan 15 2018 12:59PM

Items of importance dealt with week commencing 7th January 2018

Budget Meeting

Councillors will have received the Agenda and enclosures for the budget meeting to be held on Tuesday 16th January at 7.00pm and I would be grateful if any questions Councillors may have on financial details that require investigation to give me the information beforehand so I can bring the answers to the meeting. I will not necessarily have all the detailed figure information to hand at the meeting. Please be aware of the potential reduction in costs for the following budget year which I have mentioned in my Budget Assumptions Report.

Infant School in New Road/Police Station

Councillor Moore has asked me to investigate the legal standing of the Infant School which is now occupied by the Devon and Cornwall Police. As it stands at the moment there is a Lease for 25 years between the Churchwardens of South Molton and the Devon and Cornwall Police Authority commencing on April 2006. There is some legal interest in the 1946 Education Act which basically gives the right of the education authority to hand back the freehold interest of the property to the town in certain circumstances. I have done very little research at the moment on this due to time constraints but I will be looking into this to make sure the Council is not being denied an asset.

Food Village Concept

There has been a lot of consternation with local businesses regarding the press coverage of the Food Village Concept as reported in the press. Myself and Councillor Goodman attended a meeting of local businesses yesterday and we explained what had happened so far with the potential project and we did allay any fears that have been going around with regard to any retail sites linked to the food village. As a matter of interest I have written to the planning Department asking what the Planning stance is on retail outlets at Pathfields , existing and future!!

Woodlands and Skatepark Path

There have been several comments regarding the paths in the woodlands where some areas have deteriorated and become very wet. Also the small path which leads up from New Road to the Skate Park needs renovationg as dirt does collect at the bottom on the pavement. We are obtaining quotes for this and hopefully we can get this done before Easter.

Pannier Market Stall Take UP

Due to the introduction of new fees schedule for the first quarter in the Pannier Market there has been a good uptake in new and existing stall holders. The revenue should therefore increase on this time last year.

East Street

There were two tenants who left our East Street premises over the last month and we have managed to re-let the rear of East Street already. We have had to put a new carpet in but the new tenant is moving in next week. We are still trying to collect the outstanding monies form the previous tenant.

Ivy on Left Wall of Cemetery

Town Council staff are cutting back and removing the ivy on the left wall of the cemetery as it was beginning to force the wall to collapse in places.

Forthcoming Meetings

Finance Meeting to be held on Monday 15th January at 6.30 pm in the Amory Centre.

Budget Meeting at 7.00pm on Tuesday 16th January.

Policies Meeting at 9.00 am in the Amory Centre on Wednesday 17th January.

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