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Town Clerk's Weekly Report

Welcome to South Molton's Town Clerk's Weekly Report.


Every week the Town Clerk sends a summary of the week's activities to the Councillors and now you can read and subscribe to them too.

By Andrew Coates, Town Clerk, Nov 17 2017 02:54PM

Items of importance dealt with week commencing 13th November 2017

South Molton Food Village

Some Councillors might remember the concept of a food village during discussions of the Agricentre in September 2007. I attach a brief report on a possible area for the food village which might complement the second phase of Pathfields Phase 4. There are apparently plenty of grants available for this but if Councillors would like to join in a meeting with the interested parties please let me know. They are Exmoor National Parks and NDC. If there is interest we will action a meeting.

Meeting with North Devon Council

The informal meeting with the Leader of NDC and staff from Waste and Recycling and Planning (regarding section 215 notices) will be held on Wednesday 29th November at 2.00pm in the Amory Centre.

Section 215 Application

I have had communication from Kevin Wickham the Enforcement Officer for Strategic Development and Planning regarding the request for a Section 215 on 1 King Street. I am pursuing this further as I was not totally impressed with the result.

Final Town Council Meeting of the Year

The final Town Council meeting of 2017 will be held on Tuesday 12th December. At this meeting there will be just one item on the Agenda and that will be to distribute the Mayor’s Charity cheques to the different organisations and to give them a chance to give a brief overview of what they do.

South Molton Town Council- Think Ourselves Lucky!

Perhaps South Molton Town Council should count itself lucky as I read in the Clerks magazine that Madley Town Council has had a catastrophic event. All the Councillors and the Town Clerk resigned in one go after a controversial planning application and the Councillors were getting “vitriolic emails.” The Council does however still exist but it is being run by the District Council.

Forthcoming Meetings

There are no scheduled meetings next week.

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