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Finance Meeting

The Amory Centre - 6th May

Planning Meeting

The Amory Centre - 16th April

Town Council Meeting

The Town Hall - 30th April

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South Molton

Town Council

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The Mayor

The Town Mayor, which is a non-political position, and their Deputy, is nominated and appointed by the Town Council each year at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council in May.


The Mayor acts as Chairman to the Council and holds the honorary title for twelve months. They appoint their Serjeants at Mace, Mayor’s Constables, Chaplain and Mayor’s Cadet at a traditional ceremony arranged by the Town Council which is usually held in May.


During their term of office as Mayor, they attend various events and functions, both within the parish and by invitation to events outside of the town.  These can range from visiting a parishioner on their 100th birthday, opening a local fete, judging floats at the Carnival or attending Civic Services or Charity Events arranged by other Mayors within the area.  On occasions they will be required to wear the ‘Chain of Office’ which dates from 1893 and to wear the full Civic Regalia.  


The Mayor is a figurehead for the Town Council, to represent the parishioners at other towns, and is expected to take a lead role in the smooth running of Council business.  


The Mayor for the 2017/2018 municipal year is Cllr Christine Lock. Cllr Lock is supported by Cllr Jean Foster as Deputy Mayor who stands in when she is unavailable.

The Mayor's Chain of Office

Honorary Wearables

Worn by the Mayor's Partner.

Worn by the Deputy Mayor.


The Mayor of South Molton has their own Wikipedia page, where you can find more about historical aspects of the Mayoral role and the Chain of Office.

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