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The Town Council holds the burials records of every internment in the Cemetery dating from 1860 and members of the public are welcome to view these records to research family history, or to request a search of these records by the Town Council, for which at the discretion of the Town Clerk a fee may be charged.


Fixed and settled by the South Molton Town Council pursuant to Section 15 of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977; to take effect from the first day of April 2016 (until further notice)


The fees, payments and charges set out below apply where the person to be interred, or in respect of whom the right is granted, is, or immediately before death was, an inhabitant of South Molton, or in the case of a still­born child, where one of the parents is, or at the time of the interment was, such an inhabitant or parishioner. In all other cases all fees, payments and charges in respect of interments will be doubled.


A coffin placed in the Chapel of Repose, per day or part thereof, including a service. £46.00


As all digging and works (including vaults) is arranged by undertakers, no charge is made in respect of same by the Council. Administration fee, payable in respect of all interments. £46.00


Includes the right to place a vase on the grave (vase not be exceed 2’ 6” in height)

(1) For the exclusive right of burial for a period of THIRTY years: (i) in an earthen grave 4 feet x 4 feet £227.00 (ii) in an earthen grave 8 feet x 4 feet £262.00

(2) For the exclusive right of burial of cremated remains in an earthen grave 3 feet x 2 feet £115.00

(3) For the re­purchase of any site following the expiration of the thirty year period £115.00


Burial of cremated remains in a previously used common grave £72.00 Burial of cremated remains in a previously used purchased grave £54.00


For the right to construct and for the exclusive right of burial in

(1) A walled grave (a) 4 feet x 4 feet £300.00 (b) 8 feet x 8 feet £382.00

(2) A vault (a) 8 feet x 8 feet £382.00 (b) 8 feet x 12 feet £554.00


(1) For the right to erect or place over a grave or vault, in respect of which an Exclusive right of burial has been granted: (a) a headstone – not to exceed 2’ 6” in height (excluding any base below ground level) plus all inscriptions £121.00 (b) memorial or vault in form of tomb or sepulchre, the dimensions of which shall be first authorised in writing by the Council (including inscriptions) £187.00 (c) a tablet on any grave or vault (including inscriptions) £99.00 (d) an additional inscription to an existing memorial £60.00 Before removing any headstones from a grave or vault, seven days notice shall be given to the Town Council. No curbs or surrounds will be permitted on any grave. All memorials, vases and tablets shall be inscribed with the number of the grave which can be obtained from the Register of Burials kept in the Town Council Offices.

(2) For the right to place on a grave, in respect of which an exclusive right of burial has not been granted: (a) a vase with the inscription thereon, of a size not exceeding 7” square at the base and a height not exceeding 5” £85.00 In any case where the vase exceeds the above measurements either at the base or in height, the Council will require the purchase of the exclusive right of burial and payment of the appropriate fee mentioned in Part 3 above.


(1) For the right to erect or place on the wall in the Garden of rest a white marble plaque measuring 9” x 6" £121.00

(2) For the right to scatter cremated remains in the Garden of Rest £46.00

(3) For the right to add an additional inscription to an existing plaque £60.00


Gravedigging is carried out by the undertaker’s staff, and all expenses of same are met by the undertaker. The undertaker/funeral director must obtain a burial order from the Town Council offices during opening hours at The Amory Centre, 125 East Street, South Molton BEFORE commencing any work.


Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm (except Bank Holidays and local holidays declared by the Council) Gravedigging may only take place between sunrise and sunset on Mondays to Saturdays, a burial order having first been obtained at the Town Council offices and all fees paid. Burial orders will not be issued at any other time or place. Burials may take place at any time Monday to Saturday (within the above limits) But the Cemetery Chapel will not be available outside of normal working hours or on Saturdays.


Please note that at the Town Clerk's discretion a charge may be applied for Council staff carrying out any research of the burial records for an individual.


South Molton Cemetery