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17th July 2017


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27th June 2017

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Items of importance dealt with week commencing 19th June 2017

Flag Pole on Town Hall

The flag on the Town Hall roof has not been flying for the last two weeks and having inspected the pole it transpires the rope has come off the toggle at the top of the pole. It is far too high and dangerous for our staff to do, so we are engaging a steeplejack to perform the task. This should therefore be done in the next few weeks depending on availability of the steeplejack.

Vandalism in Woodland

The fence and the lock which were damaged this week have now been repaired . This is the third time the lock has been repaired on the gate. There has been a lot of vandalism up there and apparently is happening late at night. The police have been informed.

Dog Bin Church Walk Steps

The new pole has been purchased and the bin will be re- positioned today.

Litter Bin

It has been suggested by the youngsters at the YMCA that the Council puts a bin in the skate board park. I therefore propose the Council installs a bin in there as a trial to see if it gets used or vandalised. A new bin is £100.

East Street

The museum storage room has been moved down to the boiler room in East Street. The new tenant is moving in on 3rd July and there has been interest in the other room as well...

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23rd June 2017

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22nd June 17


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12th June 17



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14th June 17 (Draft)


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12th June 17 (Draft)

27th June - Planning & Town Council Meeting

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